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Criterion Announcements - February 2014

February is a time for romance or for you single folks out there rejoicing in your solitary bliss or despairing dolefully in your melancholy stupor.  Either way you can make the month better by purchasing the latest in Criterion releases which guarantee to increase your cinematic acumen and decrease your bank account.
We will have a barebones edition of Blue is the Warmest Color in separate Blu-ray and DVD releases.  It will be rereleased at a later date with a multitude of special features probably in a BD/DVD combo.  This means you completists must get a least three different versions of this film.
This is certainly an auteur-centric month though with releases from Roman Polanski (Tess), Alfred Hitchcock (Foreign Correspondent), Steven Soderbergh (King of the Hill which will also have it's sequel The Underneath as an extra) and Wes Anderson (Fantastic Mr. Fox) .
Not only will Fantastic Mr. Fox be the first number of the 700 series it also marks the first Criterion DVD or BD release of an animated film.  Though at first glance I bet some of you thought King of the Hill might be that first release - I tell you what Bobby.  Long time fanatics (all of you) will remember and have the laserdisc release of Akira (strangely enough rereleased by Funimation last week).  But it also marks the first Criterion film with Meryl Streep.  May there be more to come.
There will also be a upgrade to BD/DVD combo for Jules and Jim and Breathless.
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