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Criterion Announcements - November 2013

First, we can get this massive bombshell out of the way:

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Criterion has announced Dual-Editions as part of their release schedule, no doubt something many of us have been hoping for for a very long time. The price point lines up with existing Blu-ray editions, which is sure to relieve any collectors that were only interested in one format. That is not all, though. Criterion has decided to squeeze two bombshells into November by releasing the first 25 Zatoichi films in one fell spine:

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All 25 films will be included in both DVD and Blu-Ray format as part of the same beautiful set, making this the first Dual-Format edition in the collection. Next coming out the gate will be a rather major work from everyone's favorite little tramp, City Lights (1931). Following that up is the collection's second visit from director Noah Baumbach, Frances Ha (2013). Finally, comes our first reissue releasing in the Dual-Format, a favorite of many from celebrated director Yasujiro Ozu, Tokyo Story (1953).
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