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Criterion Announcements - October 2013

October has us revisiting René Clair in a spooky screwball outing, I Married a Witch (1942). Next we have a haunted house thriller from Lewis Allen, The Uninvited (1944), now invited to the collection. Rounding that out is La notte (1961), which marks the long-awaited third film of Michelangelo Antonioni's trilogy (L'Avventura (1960), La notte (1961), and Eclipse (1962)).
Blu-ray upgrades include one of the biggest releases from the DVD line, John Cassavetes: Five Films (Shadows (1959), Faces (1968), A Woman Under the Influence (1974), The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976), Opening Night (1977), A Constant Forge (2000)), a major announcement to be sure. Following that up, Georges Franju's Eyes Without a Face (1960) maintains an already very frightening October.

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